Pacific Slope Flycatcher, Sooty Fox Sparrow & 2 Golden-crowned Kinglets at Birchim today

Observers: J & D Parker
Email: jimanddebbyatquenetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 11/22/2003
Time: 04:15:41 PM


The Pacific-slope Flycatcher was seen well. We could see its rich yellow chin, breast and belly with the vested-look in some views. It was found in the big willow area, 50 yrds into Birchim (heading west) from the greengate you pass through separating the housing from Birchim. A month ago, Oct. 21 & 23, a Pac-slope was heard but not seen, the odds are this is the same bird that seems to be wintering in Birchim. It was also heard on Nov. 11 by another birder. The kinglets were in this vicinity also. The Fox Sparrow was near the confluence just below Hwy 395. Its coloring is that of the "paler" race, see Sibley page 497.