Sandhill Crane at Crowley Lake

Observers: Ken Wells
Remote Name:
Date: 11/30/2003
Time: 09:04:02 PM


One lone adult was visiting Crowley Lake between 9:30 - 10:30am Sunday 11/30.Got good looks through scope from cliffs above Owens River inlet for over an hour.Definitely not a Great Blue Heron!Large,long necked,long legged bird with gray plumage and a very fluffy rump.Nice red patch on top front of head with white cheeks and dark bill.Flew across lake with head outstretched noisily trumpeting as it flew.Stalked the shoreline at the inlet and walked south along the shore picking at objects along the waters edge.Cool Bird!Will check on Tuesday morning to see if it's still around. Also at Crowley - juvenile Bald Eagles at Green Banks,McGee Creek inlet, and one feeding on a freshly roadkilled coyote on the back side of the lake close to the Owens Gorge Rd. turnoff.Also counted 196 Tundra Swans around McGee Bay with another 58 around the Owens River inlet - 262 total for the lake. No eagles at Convict Lake and no more birds at Lake Mary since the lake is now totally frozen.Didn't make it to the June Lake loop this week.