Bishop CBC Results

Observers: Chris Howard
Remote Name:
Date: 12/17/2003
Time: 07:20:26 AM

Many thanks to everyone who helped make the 2003 Bishop Christmas Bird Count a success. The weather on count day (Sunday, Dec 14th) was interesting and varied. Everyone had some snow showers, even on the valley floor. Many got rained on. Fortunately, the wind didn't pick up until late afternoon. New high counts were established for many species including Great Egret (4), Mallard (448), American Wigeon (95), Common Goldeneye (25), Red-shouldered Hawk (12), Red-tailed Hawk (117), Ferruginous Hawk (9), American Kestrel (33), Virginia Rail (3), Mourning Dove (24), Northern (red-shafted) Flicker (188), Cedar Waxwing (165), Orange-crowned Warbler (17). New species to the count were an adult male Anna's Hummingbird at Rocking K and a count-week female Indigo Bunting at Mustang Mesa. The identifications of the white geese at the Bishop City Park are still up in the air, but the species total for count day is expected to fall around 98.  Misses were nuthatches, gulls, Common Merganser, Red-naped Sapsucker and Cassin's Finch.

Indigo Bunting photos by Debby Parker (c) 2003: