Pair of Juniper Titmouse above Plant 4 today

Observers: D & J Parker
Remote Name:
Date: 01/04/2004
Time: 05:00:06 PM


These 2 birds were first heard and then seen well next to the creek near the Road Closed sign just above the Plant 4 housing. They were with a flock of juncos. The call note, which was heard a few times matched up pretty close to Stokes "Field Guide to Bird Songs, Western Region", although this can be tricky, we know. The titmice had no brown or only a faint hint on the edge of the folded wing and otherwise were a medium gray above and paler below. Also, Golden-crowned Kinglets were feeding on the lawns near the entrance to the housing under a Theadora Spruce with Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Audubon's Warblers.