Snowy Egret in Bishop Park!

Observers: Andy Zdon, Chris Howard
Remote Name:
Date: 02/10/04
Time: 02:43 PM


Went to Bishop Park this afternoon for a break, and spotted the second Snowy Egret in the last week at the pond hanging out with the geese. Couldn't believe it and called Chris Howard to come over and take a look too! Grayish bill, with black legs (some yellow on back of leg) and the characteristic yellow feet. Separated from a Little Blue Heron by its bright yellow lores (Little Blue has dark to gray lores). What is the meaning of these early arrivals? Also viewed the Ross' and Ross' hybrid, Canada Geese, female Lesser Scaup, American Widgeons, Ring-Necked Ducks, and Sharp-Shinned Hawk (good luck at square tail). The Red-Shouldered Hawks (two) that I saw there last week were not around. Last week they were being harassed by a raven.