Northern Shrike, Harris' Sparrow, Bald Eagles

Observers: Lori & Mark Conrad
Remote Name:
Date: 02/16/04
Time: 09:15 PM


During our weekend trip to the Eastern Sierras, we saw a couple of birds of note. We re-found the immature Harris' Sparrow in Birchim Canyon on Sunday afternoon, right above the spring(thanks, Debbie & Jim!). The best bird by far though, was the adult Northern Shrike at Tinemaha this afternoon. I assume it's the same bird reported previously by Tom Heindel. It flew in & landed right next to our vehicle, 10 feet away, as we pulled into the first overlook on the west side of the lake. We observed it for about 10 minutes as it flew from one small bush to another. Very narrow mask, with the white feathering above the bill, large bill with paleness at the base of the lower mandible, grey barring across the breast, & white rump. We also saw 3 Bald Eagles sitting in a large dead tree at the north end of the lake, 2 adults & what looked like a 3rd year bird.