"Funny Ducks and Geese" dilemma

Observers: T.D. Kelly
Email: tdkelly@cwo.com
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Date: 03/29/04
Time: 06:15 PM


Does anyone know about the history of the "funny ducks and geese" at Bishop City Park? I haven't been there to examine them recently, but they are obviously a problem in spring (road-kill hazards, possible disease vectors for wild ducks and geese, etc). Unfortunately, one of my after-school students reported boys harassing some of the geese that are nesting in the park (I assume some kind on greylag goose hybrid, but I haven't gone to see them myself). One of my students brought a few "abandoned" eggs for me to examine. I tried to explain to them the legal and ecological dilemma of trying to rescue non-native goose eggs (not well received by 7th grade girls with big hearts). Unfortunately, I had recently shown the class the movie "Come Fly Away Home." Well, they took the movie to heart (at least they were listening!). In the end, after much discussion with the students about wildlife management and ecology, they brought the eggs back. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to address this issue. I haven't addressed local fish and game officials yet. I know this can be a touchy topic with the public and with agency types. Believe me, I have had to euthanize my share of funny ducks and geese due to disease outbreaks throughout southern california. Regards, Troy