Observers: Mary Freeman
Email: mnfreeman@earthlink.net
Remote Name:
Date: 04/05/04
Time: 10:12 PM


I led my 13th trip for Los Angeles Audubon Society this past weekend. Friday late morning at Fossil Falls, we saw 3 Black-throated Grey Warblers foraging around the vegetation. Saturday morning we had two Swainson's Hawks at the ag fields just north of Tinemaha Resevoir. The two we saw here on a fence post made a quickie try at mating! At Glacier Lodge we had 1 visible booming Blue Grouse behind the packstation and up the ravine 50 yrds up from the cutoff tree. Nick reported two more booming up the hill. Two Dippers were vey actively feeding on the stream down from the bridge. On Sunday morning we had about a 5 minute clear view of Greater Sage Grouse at the Crowley Lake lek before the area became socked in with thick fog. We had a count of 120 grouse. At the Jeffrey Pine forest east of the south Tufa Towers at Mono Lake on highway 120, we had a traveling flock of Pinon Jays and a single Juniper Titmouse. In Chalfant Valley on highway 6, we had 6 Swainson's Hawks. Mary & Nick Freeman, Glendale, CA