Semipalmated Plovers on Owens Lake, Wood Duck at Owens River

Observers: Cheyenne Laczek-Johnson
Remote Name:
Date: 04/16/04
Time: 03:54 PM


I don't have the Heindel's list anymore, so I'm not sure what is exciting and what isn't. But it's all exciting to me so I'll go ahead and share my great adventures! On 4/14 I attempted to kayak up Owens River (just north of Narrow Gauge road in Lone Pine) with a fantasy of flushing some rare and never-before-seen bird from the thick tules. Well, all my crashing around scared everything off (including a terrified and baffled racoon), but I did flush the same Wood Duck twice as he tried to escape from me and my binos. On 4/15 at Diaz Lake I saw a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, a Willet, and both a Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs. And at Owens Lake in Zone 2, Area 8, I saw 5 Semipalmated Plovers hanging out with some Snowy Plovers. Today, 4/16, I saw a Black-throated Gray Warbler with a flock of Audubon's in Edward's field/Mike's Meadow behind Carl's Jr. It's been great!