Cassin's Finch, Blue Grouse and others at Bishop Bowl

Observers: Bill Mitchel
Email: billvivatgtedotnet
Remote Name:
Date: 04/22/04
Time: 10:06 PM


On a walk from Intake II to the upper end of the Bishop Bowl today the following birds were seen: Green-tailed Towhee, Mountain Chickadee, American Kestrel, Oregon Junco (many), Clark's Nutcracker, White-breasted Nuthatch, Spotted Towhee and Steller's Jay. At the upper part of the bowl there was also a Mountain Bluebird (Gray Adult Female), Pygmy Nuthatch (several), Blue Grouse (many) and a pair of Cassin's Finches (M&F with the male's bright red crown clearly visible).