Northern Pygmy Owl

Observers: James Barr
Remote Name:
Date: 05/21/04
Time: 05:51 PM


I'm a birder from Ramona, Ca. The following birds seem be noteworthy to report for the Eastern Sierra area of Inyo County. A Northern Pygmy Owl was observed on May 18, 1400 hours. On the Kearsarge Pass trail. 1st seen in flight and then perched on a lodgepole pine branch for five minutes. Flew to another pine and made a series of calls. Location was at the John Muir Wilderness sign, one mile from the parking lot. Also, in this same general area, three male Blue Grouse and a female Grouse on May 20th. On May 18th I saw an odd Warbler that was out of place on the Big Pine trail. Reading a previous report I now realize the Warbler was likely an Ovenbird. The location was 1/4 mile above the cabin. A solo Black Swift made a brief flyby over the Kearsarge Pass trail on May 20th. Just below the first lake. James Barr