Brown-headed Cowbirds

Observers: Chris Tonra
Remote Name:
Date: 05/26/04
Time: 07:34 PM


Like Chris McCreedy I am a biologist in the Mono Basin color banding birds. However, I'm sure you all are much more inclined to spend time observing cute little Willow Flycatcher's than nasty cowbirds. Anyhow, I am studying how habitat contributes to the ability of individual cowbirds to reproduce in Mono Basin riparian areas. It would also be very interesting to know where the cowbirds breeding on these creeks are foraging. So, if you happen to see any colorbanded BHCO's I would love to hear about them. They will have three colors on one leg and a silver aluminum band on the other. The bands are read from the bird's left leg to it's right leg and from top to bottom. Thanks and happy birding!