Late report of Yellow-throated Warbler @ FCR

Observers: Matt Brady
Remote Name:
Date: 06/04/04
Time: 07:30 PM


Hello birders. Sorry for this very late report, but early on the morning of May 29 David Vander Pluym found a YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER at Furnace Creek Ranch. It was singing and it's plumage looked very crisp, so we figured that it was probably an ASY male. David found the bird in the second row of Tamarisks south of the north end of the golf course, near Tee #8. The bird was singing very loudly, which is how he originally found it. We all (David VP, Scott, Linda and Ryan Terrill, Andrew and Vernon Howe, Austin Booth, Jez Bird and myself) saw it very well for a period of about 20 or so minutes. Later some of us heard the bird singing from the date palm grove. Apparently the bird was not seen later that day or the next day, though Don Roberson reported to CALBIRDS that he and Rita Caratello refound it on the 31st. Other birds at FCR included a female Indigo Bunting that Vernon Howe found as well as a male Ring-necked Duck on the north eastern-most pond on the golf course. Later that day we stopped at Oasis Ranch in Mono County, where we had an AHY American Redstart as well as a Northern Parula. Scott Terrill and Andrew Howe also had a possible Red-eyed Vireo. At Deep Springs College Andrew, David and I found an SY female Hooded Warbler. While stopping for gas in Dyer Andrew and Vernon found a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, but they did not see the Mourning Warbler that Kristie reported. Thats it. Good birding, Matt Brady Santa Cruz