Black-throated Green and EK at FCR 6/9

Observers: Kristie Nelson
Remote Name:
Date: 06/10/2004
Time: 07:15:48 PM


Hello, Birded Furnace Creek Ranch Wednesday morning. Was not expecting much with all the strong SW winds - but near the western pond was a BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER! There was also an EASTERN KINGBIRD at the more eastern pond, both at the golf course. A splattering of other birds around the ranch - N. Mockingbird, Painopepla, Robin, Sage Thrasher. I saw zero Wilson's and Yellow warblers, unlike last visit about a week ago. Willow Flycatchers made up for numbers with the lack of warblers. There were many at FCR, and downright abundant further south in eastern Kern county - I bet there were easily 75 at tiny Butterbredt Spring this morning (the 10th). Have fun, Kristie