POSSIBLE Red-eyed Vireo at French Camp (Rock Creek)

Observers: Steve Scott
Email: scotts@saccounty.net
Remote Name:
Date: 06/15/2004
Time: 05:32:13 PM


Seen low in the willows along the creek--closest campsite was site 81. I am not sure about this ID. Size was right. Bill was right although I could not see a hook. The bird was not very active, offering good looks. Obvious white eyebrow, although I did not notice the black stripes (I did not have a guide with me to know what to look for.) Plain gray on the back, white underneath with slight cream tinge. My overall impression of the plumage was that it was very "neat." The bird did not sing or call and I could not see a red eye. This bird was seen on Sunday shortly after noon. Having never seen this species, I am unfamiliar with it. Even if this is a wild goose chase, the walk along the creek is worth it for the sapsuckers, the nuthatches and the occasional dipper.