Rufous hummingbirds in Owens Valley

Observers: J. Zatorski
Remote Name:
Date: 08/06/2004
Time: 05:22 PM -0400


By now for many of us, Selasphorus rufus has pretty much taken over our nectar feeders. However, it's also nice to see these beautiful gems in a natural setting. If you'd like to catch them here in the Owens Valley, I recomend finding a place where the Thin-leefed or Wyoming Paintbrush is in bloom. It's hard to miss the 4-6 foot tall stalks of red-bracted flowers rising above the other plants in the meadows. Some good places around Bishop are just west of the river south of Route 6, west of the river south of East Line St. and just north of Collins Rd. east of A-drain. This past week I've also seen and heard Anna's and Black-throated in Paintbrush areas too.