Pine Siskins in our yard & Golden-crowned Sparrow behind our fence

Observers: Debby Parker
Email: jimndebbyatquenetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 09/27/2004
Time: 03:47 PM -0400


The Pine Siskin was on our smaller sunflowers eating seeds and in our cottonwoods busy eating the moth larvae which are on the leaves. No yellow was seen on the siskins but the pronounced streaked breast and back, white wingbars, subtle supercilium straight bill and one size smaller than the House Finches nearby helped to ID them. I think these are the first we've ever had in our yard. The Golden-crown Sparrow was an immature type, not bright, sitting atop some native rose bushes, with a dark sparrow bill, subdued lateral crown stripes and with a hint of a pale spot in the crown. Darker through the breast and belly compared to a White-crowned Sparrow.