Clay-colored Sparrow and Black-throated Green in Birchim today

Observers: Jim and Deb Parker
Email: jimndebby@qnenetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 10/23/2004
Time: 06:49 PM -0400


This is the 4th day for the Black-throated Green Warbler which is pretty amazing. It was in a different place today, about 100 yards into the canyon from 395 or just beyond the 2nd "turn" the trail takes in the canyon. It was found by hearing its loud chip note and it was in a willow not high up. The Clay-colored Sparrow was in the DWP yard (continue thru the gate from Birchim along the creek) near a large wood pile and a big silver/metal shed near the creek. It was with a Golden-crowned Sparrow and a flock of House Sparrows. The Clay-colored is much smaller and has a plain buffy-golden breast and a white belly.