Mountain Plover, Thayer's Gull and Lapland Longspur at Crowley Lake

Observers: Jon Dunn and Kristie Nelson
Remote Name:
Date: 11/05/2004
Time: 10:38 PM -0500


Today at Crowley Lake we found a Mountain Plover at the just around the point from the east side of the McGee Arm. It was was associating with a flock of perhaps 100 Horned Larks and was quite accomodating. Noted was the Killdeer size with slightly longer legs and overall rich but rather light buffy coloration with whiter head and supercilium. The belly was whitish but there was a broad buffy wash across the chest. The bill was rather slender. Also noted was a continuing juvenile Thayer's Gull. Late in the morning it was on the pond with several hundred California Gulls and four Herring Gulls (including adult and third winter) on the west side of the dump. Some 35 Tundra Swans and a Ross's Goose were also on the pond. In the flock of Horned Larks near the Owens River Delta was a single female Lapland Longspur. It was windy all day and birding was difficult.