Ferruginous hawks - 14+, amazing!

Observers: Kristie Nelson and Joel Ellis
Email: storm_petrel@hotmail.com
Remote Name:
Date: 11/22/2004
Time: 06:53 PM -0500


Hi all, Friday morning we took a spin through Antelope Valley - that is Cunningham Lane off 395, south of Topaz Lake, through the valley (the road takes you back to 395 at Walker). A nice drive, lots of raptors. After seeing many red-tails, I was delighted to see a Ferruginous hawk on a pole by the road. Nice to see it up close. Started scanning the stubble fields, ooh, look, another Ferrug! and Another! No fewer than 14, and we did not even scan the furthest fields to the south. Amazing. I have never seen so many in such a small area (3-4 fields). Quite a few rough-leggeds as well. Would be great to count/survey the raptors ther (or stat a CBC...)