Rough-legged Hawks, Mono County

Observers: John Green and Nathan Moorhatch
Remote Name:
Date: 12/11/2004
Time: 01:35 AM -0500


Hi, Thanks to some details from Chris Howard, we were able to refind a Rough-legged Hawk near Crowley Lake. It was perched on a road marker along Benton Crossing Road, between Highway 395 and the Owens River. Seen on the 9th near dusk. On the 10th, in the early afternoon, we found at least four Rough-legged Hawks in fields along Highway 395 just north of Bridgeport. Immediately as you leave the north end of town, there is an intersection signed with wooden road signs as the corner of Main and Emigrant Streets. We parked there. Two Hawks were close enough to ID with the naked eye, the other two needed a scope. More were too far to positively ID. Our other target birds were misses, most notably the Tinemaha Lake Rusty Blackbird. We looked for it twice on the 9th, morning and afternoon. John