Sandhill Crane continues on Sunland

Observers: Chris Howard
Remote Name:
Date: 01/06/2005
Time: 04:33 PM -0500

The Sandhill Crane found on the Bishop CBC (18 Dec 2004) by the Prathers continues today (6 Jan 2005) in exactly the same spot, although now up to its ankles in snow! The location is 0.35 mile south on Sunland from the junction of Schober Lane and Sunland. It's been west of Sunland in alfalfa field, near red irrigation motor.

Sandhill Crane before the snows and imm Red-shouldered (?) Hawk (c) Todd Vogel
Sandhill Crane 6 Jan 2005 (c) 2005 Chris Howard
Sandhill Crane 6 Jan 2005 (or is it an ostrich?) (c) 2005 Chris Howard