Pink-sided Junco at White Mountain Estates

Observers: Andy Zdon
Remote Name:
Date: 01/08/2005
Time: 04:49 PM -0500


Maintaining my bird-feeders during the storms has resulted in about 150+ birds hanging around my yard! This includes 1 Pink-sided Junco (medium gray head with dark lores, gray contact with pink flanks is more diffuse than on Oregons, pink flanks extend all the way down flanks, only seeing a bit of white when looking at the bird from underneath, entire back is brown). Additionally two Slate-colored Juncos, numerous Oregon Juncos, 1 Lawrence's Goldfinch (still here!), numerous AMGO, numerous LEGO (but less in number than AMGOs); 2 Audubon's Warblers, 3 Mountain Chickadees, numerous White-crowned Sparrows, etc. Also saw an accipitor species flying through the heart of the storm yesterday - appeared to be after something!!