Tree, Barn & Cliff Swallow flock at Tinemaha Reservoir today

Observers: Jim & Deb Parker, Kathy Duvall & Andy Zdon
Remote Name:
Date: 02/12/2005
Time: 07:38 PM -0500


This small flock was low over the river outflow below the dam where visitors park. Seen well, the Trees(4)had dark blue backs,some white in the saddle and dark blue continuing to the eye with white below in the cheek. The Barns (2)had their long tail feathers and the Cliffs(2)had their buffy forheads & rump patch on a brownish upperside. They were flying their circling swallow style flight and probably searching for insects. These are our first of Spring. Two adult Bald Eagles and 3 Tundra swans were also seen at a distance thru the scopes.