Black-bellied Plover at Bishop Sewer Ponds 2/19/05

Observers: Jim & Debby Parker
Email: jimndebby@qnetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 02/19/2005
Time: 05:55 PM -0500


We drove behind the sewer ponds on the dirt road on the east side with the turnoff opposite of turnoff to airport out East Line st. The shallow pond had this plover in winter plumage with dark axillaries and white rump and belly,brownish-black spots on mantle and wings as in a juvenile. Substantial bill looking nearly as long as width of head in side profile view. Also, we think we had rough-winged swallows too. We had seen a Sandhill Crane fly over Bishop east as we were sitting at stop light at Hwy 395, so we tried to find it, but found the plover and swallows instead.