China Ranch - Harris's Sparrow, Western Bluebirds

Observers: Chris and Rosie Howard
Remote Name:
Date: 02/22/2005
Time: 11:50 AM -0500


Yesterday (21 Feb), southeastern Inyo was WET. Our few hours at China Ranch seemed to be mostly spent out of the rain - in the gift shop/bakery purchasing everything date-related. When rain subsided, a short walk around the gift shop produced an immature Harris's Sparrow. Several male and female Anna's hummingbirds (5+) frequented the feeder outside the gift shop. A really muddy walk down to the roaring Amargosa River was an amazing sight: chocolate-whitewater; an estimated 100 CFS! In the mesquite groves, 4 Western Bluebirds, numerous Phainopepla, apparently territorial. High over the river, White-throated Swifts were heard overhead (also at Texas Springs on 18 Feb). Up at Furnace Creek Ranch on 18 Feb, we had our first Cinnamon Teal (4 males). Tree Swallows were seen at 4 locations over the weekend in two's and three's. Oh, and the flowers...amazing, especially southern Death Valley, south of Mormon Point.