Black-throated Gray Warbler west of Meadowcreek (By-pass ditch & Wishing well bridge)

Observers: D.Parker
Remote Name:
Date: 04/04/2005
Time: 05:52 PM -0400


While trying to track down a Common Yellow-throat, hearing it's double click call notes, I was surprised to see a male Black-throated Gray warbler in a willow. It was eating a butterfly. I knew Susan had one at the south end of the county yesterday but I figured it would be a few days before any got this far north. It was with Audubon's Warblers and I finally saw the singing House Wren in the same spot. The COYE is still being elusive, hiding down in the rabbitbrush. Hundreds of Painted Ladies and West Coast Ladies, and fewer Skippers (haven't figured out yet) and a few others need to look up. The wind isn't a bother for them.