a colorful morning

Observers: ken wells
Email: kencjlynn@aol.com
Remote Name:
Date: 05/10/2005
Time: 01:54 AM -0400


A colorful combination of birds were at our feeders this morning. When it snows in Spring in Mammoth the birds seem to come out in big numbers and the colors seem to stand out even more against the freshly fallen foot of new snow! This morning we had about a dozen male Yellow-headed Blackbirds, 8 very handsome Evening Grosbeaks, 20-25 bright male Cassin's Finches, and 8-10 Black-headed Grosbeaks in various stages of maturity.Mix those in with a smattering of Mountain Chickadees, Dark-eyed Juncos, White-crowned Sparrows, female Cassin's Finches, Steller's Jays, Clark's Nutcrackers, and the usual hords of Blackbirds, Cowbirds, and Pine Siskins and we had a very noisy and colorful mix of birds. There were also a couple of Green-tailed Tohees, a single Fox Sparrow, and a lone Northern Flicker working on the suet feeder. Fun stuff but please no more snow !!!