N Parula, C Loon, Bendire's Thrasher

Observers: Susan Steele
Email: steele7 verizon net
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Date: 05/15/2005
Time: 11:11 PM -0400


Bendire's Thrasher at Lee Flats, Inyo County. Directions. Take 190 East from Lone Pine. Go 4.2 miles past the turnoff for Darwin and then turn left (north) and drive 8.3 miles to Lee Flats. Take the left fork (White Mt Talc Rd) and drive 1.8 miles. A good landmark is a single pinyon pine in the wash to the left. The bird was just south of this pine in Joshua trees on both sides of the road. Also in the same general area is a sage thrasher, which makes a nice comparison. The Northern Parula and Common Loon were both at North Haiwee. The Parula was in the trees on the east side of the canal.