Northern Parula and Crissal Thrashers in Amargosa Canyon

Observers: Justin Hite
Remote Name:
Date: 05/27/2005
Time: 08:30 PM -0400

Like the Northern Parula that Chris Tonra just saw at Mono Lake, this one was a second year female with no necklace. It was foraging in a Honey Mesquite with a Verdin at 7am this morning about a half a mile down Amargosa Canyon from the Tecopa Post Office. The Crissal Thrashers here are so outgoing. I just spent two months in washes along the lower Colorado, and the Crissals there are skulky and elusive to the extreme. But the ones at Amargosa are outgoing, curious, and abundant. I usually see at least five or six a day, if not more. Between them and the Chats and the Blue Grosbeaks nesting up and down the canyon, the Amargosa is an incredible place. Also, I just went on a roadtrip up to Mono Lake to help with the California Gull nest count, and on my way saw three Snowy Egrets in a creosote near Zabriskie Point and a Western Patchnose Snake (Salvadora hexalepis; a very cool snake) near Death Valley Junction. There are pictures of the Crissal at

Northern Parula photo (C) Justin Hite