Observers: Robert Tuveson
Remote Name:
Date: 06/07/2005
Time: 02:24 PM -0400


Hi! I'm a Swedish birder who're going to bird the Yosemite/Mono Lake-area the first week of July this year. I have a couple of target birds in the area that I really would need som updated information about. What I wonder is if you have any info about "exactly" where I can found the species in the Yosemite/Mono Lake-area this year. The species that I'm keen on getting info about are the following:  Greater Sage Grouse  Long-eared-, Short-eared- and Great Gray Owl  Williamson's Sapsucker and Black-backed Woodpecker  Mountain Quail  Evening- and Pine Grosbeak  Gray-crowned Rosy-finch Kind regards Robert Tuveson