A Hike up Horton Creek trail

Observers: Debby Parker,Bill Mitchel, Larry Nahm and Kathy Duvall
Email: jimndebbyatquenetdotcom
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Date: 06/14/2005
Time: 08:31 PM -0400


A cooler day temperature wise was perfect for trekking up the trail. Parking low down at first creek crossing we walked up thru the riparian seeing and hear four sparrows, Brewer's, Song, Vesper and Lark. Many singing Lazuli Buntings and one Mountain Bluebird in this area. The wildflowers look like they are just getting started, many blooming, spectacular, butterflies too, a nice red & black checkerspot was everywhere. Higher up at the Sonny Boy cabin and creek, a pair of mountain bluebirds were visiting a cavity in aspen hanging over the creek, violet-green swallows and warbling vireos. A Cassin's finch and American Kestrel were seen on the way back down the hill. Nice hike for a cool day.