Re: probable Philadelphia Vireo at McGee Creek

Observers: DHouse
Remote Name:
Date: 07/04/2005
Time: 06:53 PM -0400


Late in the morning on the 4th, I made a visit to this site. I could not find a safe place to get both me and the dog across the creek (leave your dog at home), but I could hear the vireo singing on the other side of the creek. I agree that it did not sound anything like a Warbling. What I heard the bird do is both three-part and two-part runs, with definite pauses between portions of the song. I agree with the others that it does not sound like a Warbling or any vireo of the 'Solitary' vireo complex. I plan on going back, sans dog to try to get a look at the bird from the other side of the creek.