probable Least Bittern at Nik & Nik's ponds

Observers: Debby Parker & Andy Zdon
Email: jimndebbyatquenetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 07/07/2005
Time: 06:24 PM -0400


Separately, Andy & I have both had quick looks at this bird. I've seen two different ones, one more buffy & the other with some dark (green?) on the back. Andy saw one in flight this morning (all looks are short looks)as it flew across from the west pond through the line of trees,east, to the next pond. A good place to try and see these birds is drive along dirt road on west side of pond. Look over fence down into the cattails. My best looks were when two birds "hopped" through the air from the weeds on the bank and clambered into the cattails. They have long yellow legs, the tailess look, buffy belly and either buffy above or dark green on the back. Short bill. Not a rail as both of our rails (sora & Virginia) are generally darker for starters.Not a green heron, as they are darker too. Early morning seems a good time to try to see. Also in the ponds are a family of Canada Geese, Northern Pintail female and ducklings, White-faced Ibis and an Aechmophorus grebe, which looks like a Western but the bill is orangish. Hybrid? All help appreciated.