Winter wren heard singing along Pine Crk trail

Observers: Jim & Deb Parker
Remote Name:
Date: 07/16/2005
Time: 07:40 PM -0400


Unusual for our area in summer, but this species has been heard along this trail in summer for a number of years now, probably nesting, but evidence is tough to get. Prefers the old growth type forest which Pine Creek trail has with huge White Fir & Jeffrey Pines. At the first creek crossing as you enter the shady forest above the pack station, listen for its song along the trail for the next 50 ft. or so. We usually hear it along the trail that follows this small creek, not the main Pine Crk. which is presently rushing and full, but the tiny creek back in the woods. Also we watched the hybrid sapsucker family which we discovered last year farther up the trail.