Fall Migration at Furnce Creek Ranch

Observers: Chris Howard
Email: choward@telis.org
Remote Name:
Date: 07/23/2005
Time: 01:38 PM -0400


Despite the 120F+ temps on Thursday July 21st, fall migration was well underway at Furnace Creek Ranch: 60+ White-faced Ibis, 2 Willet, 100+ Mourning Doves, 3 Ca Gulls (1 adult, 2 juvs), 1 Black Tern (adult), 8 Western Kingbird, 3 Cinnamon Teal and perhaps 1 Blue-winged all in female/basic plumage, a dozen swallows (Cliff, Tree, and Rough-winged), 4 Spotted Sandpiper, 1 Least Sandpiper, and 8 Killdeer. But the most interesting bird was one I had never seen away from it's typical Joshua Forest habitat: a juvenile Scott's Oriole. It was a dull yellow, similar in structure to a Hooded, but the wing-bars were much bolder white, contrasting with darker wings. No eye-stripe like a Bullock's. The head was diffuse gray. Nearly every bird seemed to be suffering in the heat, with their bills open very wide, panting.