northern goshawk (juvenile), red-naped sapsucker (adult male), SNARL

Observers: Mark Chappell
Remote Name:
Date: 08/08/2005
Time: 11:37 AM -0400


A juvenile northern goshawk flew over the east part of SNARL this morning (8 August), down to near the small cemetary on Mt. Morrison road, then turned and returned up Convict Creek. Looked rather inept; it made an attempt to land on one of the power poles but was very klutzy and decided against it. The male red-naped sapsucker was just upstream from the 'Fish Lab' at SNARL; observede froma bout 30 ' with 10X binoculars. A family group of red-breasted sapsuckers was in the vicinity. Seen 7 August.