cold front birds

Observers: Chris McCreedy
Remote Name:
Date: 09/11/2005
Time: 07:37 PM -0400


This weather shook things up a little. I saw a Ruby-crowned Kinglet upstream of Silver Lake in the June Loop today. And, there were hundreds of Audubon's Warblers, it was really spectacular. Lincoln's Sparrows are popping out of the mud. Meanwhile, Green-tailed Towhees and Brewer's Sparrows and Yellow Warblers are suddenly really hard to find. Also this morning at Mono Lake County Park, there were three young Willow Flycatchers foraging together, I could tell their age by the quality of their whits, which were really raspy, and weak, like Dusky Flycatchers. I wonder how social flycatchers (especially young ones) are on migration.