Sabine's Gull & Common & one Black Tern at Tinemaha Res.

Observers: Jim & Debby Parker & Jon Dunn
Remote Name:
Date: 09/18/2005
Time: 09:19 PM -0400


Returning from the long dusty drive to east side of Tinemaha, we bumped into Jon on his way back from Deep Springs & exchanged birdnotes along the highway. We told him of our Common Terns & one Black Tern so we all decided to check Tinemaha on the west side. We drove down there & found these terns with Jon counting close to 10 Commons and in addition he spotted a beautiful breeding plumaged Sabine's Gull with its distinctive pattern across the upperside. We had good looks thru our scopes. By-the-way, since the reservoir has high water, not much habitat for shorebirds and they were very few, but nice to see a snowy plover sitting on a sandy island.