Burrowing Owls at Crowley

Observers: Ken Wells
Email: kencjlynn@aol.com
Remote Name:
Date: 09/26/2005
Time: 11:29 AM -0400


Our Sunday morning Mammoth bird walk group decided to go down to Lake Crowley to see what was there but the four of us never made it to the lake.On the way there we stopped to check out a large outcropping of boulders where we spent 3 hours looking at numerous birds.To get there take the first left turn off the dirt road that goes down to McGee Bay.The first and best birds we saw were a pair of Burrowing Owls.One stayed perched on top of a boulder so you could just see it's head with those big yellow eyes, while the second bird would bounce around in full view on the surrounding rocks often doing dips and bobs.We watched the two for about an hour then we thought we'd better leave them alone.We began checking out some other rock outcroppings in the area where we found Loggerhead Shirkes,Rock Wrens,a Prairie Falcon,hundreds of sparrows mainly Sage and newly arrived Gambels White-crowns,a couple of Say's Phoebes,lots of Meadowlarks,some Sage Thrashers,and numerous Mt. Bluebirds.One of the best trips to Crowley I've ever had and we never even made it to the lake!