Audubon Field trip today Dixon Lane west canal area

Observers: D.Parker
Email: jimndebbyatquenetdotcom
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Date: 10/22/2005
Time: 04:05 PM -0400


Warm,clear and calm weather made perfect conditions for the good turnout of 15 folks to check for birds. Probably the best bird was a female Red-naped Sapsucker that let us watch her in a cottonwood as she pecked holes neatly in a row. She had the white in the chin and red below this with a patch of red in the nape and crown. A bit on the brown side overall, was she a first fall bird (born this spring east of Owens Valley in the White Mt. or great basin somewhere. Nancy got some pics so we'll see. Many YRWA to hear and see, Lincoln, White-crowned and Song Sparrows. Kathy Duvall found a Red-winged Blackbird nest in the canal reeds left over from summer. Great-horned Owl and a juvenile Cooper's Hawk were fun to see too. Ruby-crowned Kinglets were singing also. Super trip!