Could it be a Dunlin at Nik & Nik's ponds ?

Observers: D.Parker and a few others
Email: jimndebby@qnetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 10/27/2005
Time: 04:05 PM -0400


This shorebird was medium in size,(similar to the closeby Wilson's Snipe size-wise), white below dark above with the hooded look. Longish bill that I finally saw a droop at the tip of. The legs seemed dull colored thru the scope. It was seen this morning in the second main pond (continue past the office entrance gate to Niks)on the right or west pond-side about 75-100 ft. out in the grass and weeds.Being in adult non-breeding plumage. It lacked a supercilium as in a spotted s.p. and wasn't quite right for a Solitary SP.