barn swallows, more in Mono Basin

Observers: Kristie Nelson
Remote Name:
Date: 12/28/2005
Time: 03:13 PM -0500


Yesterday I took a spin around dechambeau ponds area and checked out the lakeshore below the county ponds. There was a SWAMP SPARROW at dechambeau ponds, and the lakeshoe below county ponds (beyond the big meadow, and around the extensive shoals) were more waterfowl than I think I've ever seen in Mono Lake this time of year. 50-75 Pintail, over 100 wigeon (hard to get a good count), about 100 canada geese and a single GR WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE flew over, as did a Prarie Falcon. Lots of ruddy ducks, etc While scanning, 2 little birds passed by my scope view, and I followd them. They turned out to be BARN SWALLOWS! Boy, I can't imagine where they came from except being blown in by the terrific wind storms we've had, which had strangely powerful southern gusts. With such a cold (although we've had this warm spell of late) climate, I'm surprised they survived even getting here. Also, at our place at the Simis ranch yesterday morning was a single EVENING GROSBEAK and BOHEMIAN WAXWING.