Pleasant Valley Res. FT birds

Observers: J. Zatorski et. al.
Remote Name:
Date: 03/06/2006
Time: 11:48 AM -0500


Saturday morning met us with a brisk, windless morning, although the meadowlarks were singing in the field next to the "Y". By 8:00 AM we were set and walking down the gorge to the reservior. In the willow thickets, Bewicks Wren and Spotted Towheee were calling and Song & White-crowned Sparrows were seen and heard. The water was higher this year so the Wilson's Snipe found refuge a bit further up stream. All had excelent looks through spotting scopes at these elusive birds which seem to blend right in with the background as they forage. Just a little ways further down, Violet-green Swallows were zipping about. A few swallows perched on some cottonwood branches were they even stayed long enough to be viewed through spotting scopes. Once we made it to the main part of the reservior, nine duck and one grebe species became the became the main viewing attraction. Also in the hillside behind us Rock and Canyon Wrens were calling and perching up on rocks. Once again Pleasant Valley lived up to its name-sake as the day warmed up nicely by mid-morning.