Whimbrel and 6 Black-bellied Plovers

Observers: Mike/Nancy Prather, Pete Pumphreys, Roberta Lagomarsino
Email: prather@qnet.com
Remote Name:
Date: 03/30/2006
Time: 04:44 PM -0500


Whimbrel(striped head, median crown stripe, 'shorter' bill than LBCU) seen in Zone 2 Shallow Flood (closed to general public) and the 6 BBPL seen at Dirty Socks Habitat Shallow Flood (closed to general public). One of the plovers in full breedng pumage. I will be doing an all day International Shorebird Survey at Owens Lake, April 3rd (Monday) if anyone would like to join. Call Mike 876.5807. I have hard hats and vests for volunteers.