Allens or Rufous?

Observers: Jamie Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: 04/02/2006
Time: 02:31 PM -0400


March 20th - Put up our humming bird feeder, and waa laa seconds later a humming bird slams into the feeder, sits on the feeder perch for at least 2 minutes drinking to his hearts content. The hummer didnt move as it drank from the feeder. Literally laying down while he drank. The hummer was haggered, looking like he had just came from battle or completed a long journey. The hummer in question was certainly rufous in color and even the back had a rufuos tone. I am just wondering if this is an early sighting of a rufuos or a stray and confused allen's. The bird stuck around for a few days then has since vanished. What are the time frames for the rufous hummers arivals? thanks, jamie