Broad-winged Hawk at Baker Meadow today on Baker Meadow Audubon fieldtrip

Observers: Jim and Debby Parker, Earl Gann & many others
Email: jimndebbyatquenentdotcom
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Date: 05/06/2006
Time: 05:15 PM -0400

Photo by Debby Parker

This is a casual visitor to our area and especially Baker Meadow where it has been seen in the past. Our group was astounded as this smaller hawk, with straight & broad wings (similar but more unlike a Red-shouldered Hawk, which has more curvature to the trailing edge of the wing) circled low above us for a few minutes giving excellent views. A few photos were taken (see above). In adult plumage it was smooth colored below, light gray (?), with a dark thick malar mark coming down each side of its chin. A noticeably thick black line to the trailing edge of the wing wrapped around to the wingtips but was absent on the leading underside to the wing. The bright two wide black bands across the tail contrasted with the bright white bands in between. A subtle line of white was seen across the tail tip. This was a life bird for many on the walk and the first time others have had it in California. We thank Earl for leading this wonderful field trip and helping us to find this great bird.