Hooded Warbler at Birchim today near Hwy 395

Observers: Debby & Jim Parker, Bill Mitchel, Ted Williams, Chris Howard, Mason & Kathleen Begley
Email: jimndebby@qnetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 05/25/2006
Time: 04:37 PM -0400


A different warbler song was first heard and then a beautiful yellowish warbler with a black hood that wrapped around a bright yellow cheek patch. The black continued onto the yellow breast and made a sharp and distinct "bib". The back, wings and tailtop were a darker olive. What a singer, it sang for most of an hour a loud song similar in quality to a yellow warbler, which are singing down there too, but not in the song. A very different song. Also,watch out for ticks down there, they are in the grass and on bushes.