Martin, crows & Hooded Oriole at Deep Springs; Lewis's Woodpeckers at Toll House

Observers: Tom & Jo Heindel
Email: tjheindelataoldotcom
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Date: 05/25/2006
Time: 06:17 PM -0400

On 25 May a Purple Martin and 2 American Crows were at Deep Springs College and 2 Lewis's Woodpeckers were at Toll House. The Purple Martin was a female and probably a subadult based on the mostly brownish back color, whitish breast and belly, and whitish undertail coverts with dark shafts. This species is not reported every year. The crows are interesting as most migrating crows move through in March and April. They have been recorded as breeding at Scotty's Castle and other desert outposts but rarely. It will be interesting to see if they breed at the college as there will be tremendous pressure from the ravens. The Hooded Oriole tied the high elevation Inyo record of 5200' also at Deep Springs, set 6 Apr 1997 by Dick Carter, an instructor at the college.

Photo by Jo Heindel: