Baltimore Oriole NE of Laws this Sat. morning

Observers: Jim & Deb Parker
Email: jimndebby@quenetdotcom
Remote Name:
Date: 06/10/2006
Time: 04:59 PM -0400


A bright male, we heard it first when we got out of the car, it sang a loud beautiful whistled song. We knew it was different and figured it might be a Baltimore. We finally saw it and it was bright orange below, with a black hood and back, an orange wingbar and a thinner white one below. Gray/black bill and gray legs.The undertail was orange with a black line down the middle. I managed a few photos at a distance and recorded it singing. It tends to stay high in the cottonwoods. Location: Turn east on Jean Blanc Rd from Hwy 6 past Laws, drive E. to the wooden bridge under a huge magnificent cottonwood that drapes over a watered ditch. The oriole was in that tree and the huge cottonwoods just east of this tree.